Boy Vanishes, Feared Dead By Crocodile Attack

In Queensland, Australia, yesterday a seven year old boy alerted his father by his screaming that his younger brother, 5, was taken by a three-metre long crocodile, fearing he is dead.

His father, a tour guide, in his dispair flung himself into the floodwaters, only for trying to find his son but it was in vain. The man owns Daintree Rainforest Rivertrain.

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Love Triangle Results In Two Murders, One Suicide

An upscale apartment on the upper West Side of NYC is the scene of an apparent murder-suicide which left three dead. The shooter was identified as 55-year-old Miguel Ruiz. Also dead were Debra Silver, 46, and Daniel Tedlie, 57.

Police say that Silver was cooking dinner for her lover Tedlie, when Ruiz showed up. Police found Silver and Tedlie dead on the floor, and Ruiz sitting in a chair with a gunshot wound to his head and a 9-mm sitting in his lap.

Silver had lived in the apartment owned by family, for more than a decade.

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Man Issued 50 Traffic Citations… In One Day

Elvis Alonzo Barrett was arrested after he fled from police over a traffic violation. Elvis ran multiple red lights, crashed into another car and fence after he fled. After searching his car, police discovered crack cocaine as well as a crack pipe.

Elvis was charged with fleeing and eluding and reckless driving. Elvis also accumulated over fifty traffic citations during the day, including speeding, running red lights and not wearing a seat belt and has since had his driver license suspended.

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British Student Dies After Drinking Red Bull

After drinking at least four cans of Red Bull at a nightclub, 21-year-old Chloe Leach collapsed and died from cardiac arrhythmia. It is thought that her arrhythmia was worsened by the high level of caffeine present in her body from the energy drinks.

Coroner Geoffery Saul ruled out drug use and excessive drinking as causes of death and said none of her decisions “reflected badly” on her. While not officially diagnosed, Leech likely had QT syndrome which affects the heart’s electric activity.

Chloe Leach also suffered from epilepsy. According to Tina Leach, her daughter regularly took her epilepsy medication and monitored with her caffeine consumption. “She would drink Red Bull occasionally and was aware it contained caffeine,” Tina said.

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Chinese Earthquake May Have Been Man-Made

Scientists say the 7.9 earthquake responsible for killing more than 80,000 people in China last May could have been triggered by the enormous Zipingpu dam. The dam is in close proximity to the fault line and just 3 miles from the Sichuan quake site.

Christian Klose of the Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory said the sudden shift of the 315 million tonnes of water the dam held increased the natural stress from tectonic movement by 25x, causing a rupture that lead to the quake.

Fan Xaio, chief engineer of the Sichuan Geology and Mineral Bureau in Chengdu, opposed the construction of Zipingpu and had warned the Chinese government that dams like Zipingpu were dangerous when built in seismically active areas to no avail.

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Men Kill Teenage Girl, Ate Her

Two men, each 19, were arrested by police in St Petersburg, one is a florest and the other is a street-market butcher who was a one-time psychiatric patient. They are accused of killing a young girl and cooking her as food for themselves.

Prosecutors said, what they did is a cannibalism, they believe the girl was drowned in a bathtub, then the body was cut into body parts. For example some of her organs was baked with potatoes in a stove.

A top city prosecutor believes, the men decided to kill the teenager after tere was an argument between the girl and one of the men.

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Your chance to own 867-5309!

Spencer Potter, a 28-year-old DJ from Weehawken, NJ is selling the famous 867-5309 phone number along with his business on eBay. As of Monday morning bids had reached $5,100. The number was originally made famous in a song by Tommy Tutone.

Potter claims that he has received about 40 calls a day since plugging in the phone. Potter also met a woman by answering the phone. The woman used to give the number out as a fake and one day decided to call to see who was receiving the calls.

Normally phone numbers cannot be sold but since the auction includes the sale of the DJ business Vonage, the company that assigned the number, has allowed the sale to take place. Potter hopes to make at least $40,000 from the sale.

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