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NY Governor Wants Tax on All Internet Downloads — Including Porn

David Paterson, the governor of New York, has proposed a 4% tax on all Internet downloads, which has caused a bit of a kerfuffle because the tax could include pornography and other unsavory content.

Paterson said the tax would apply to software, music, books and video downloads as well as other content on the Web. “It is a general proposal, not focused on the content, so it would apply to any download, regardless of the content.”

Mr. Paterson proposes the tax to help the state’s deficit. Michael Long, from the New York Conservative Party, slammed the idea because it would include a tax on porn. “By taxing it you’re legitimizing it”. 20 states currently have some download tax.

More story: NY Governor Wants Tax on All Internet Downloads


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7 Tonnes Of Cocaine Seized

Since 23 tonnes of cocaine were seized and confiscated at Manzanillo, Mexico, the next seizure was the biggest on the past weekend when a Mexican Navy patrol ship with the help of the US Coast Guard intercepted a fishing vessel.

7 tonnes of cocaine were on the vessel that were seized and confiscated by the patrol ship in international waters. Also the five crew members were arrested. It’s yet unknown under which flag the fishing vessel was sailing.

Since a new president took office in 2006, 70 tonnes of cocaine were seized across the country.

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Young Girl Marries Dog

India: A girl from eastern Jharkhand has been made to wed a stray dog by locals who believe that the union will negate any curses directed at the family.

Many rural areas of India are still uneducated and rife with superstition. Should this young bride wish to marry a man later in life she is free to do so without divorcing her canine husband.

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YouTube Soon To Be YouPay?

Thursday, YouTube announced to its users a pilot program that lets its colleagues choose whether or not to charge a fee for their videos. To purchase a video, users pay through Google Checkout.

In return for the fee, users “receive a permanent, offline copy of the file in return.” Those who offer their videos can set their prices and licenses they wish to set on their videos.

Khanacademy, householdhacker, pogobat, and others are participating in the money making program. YouTube did not line out how much it anticipates to profit, or share those profits.

More story: YouTube Soon To Be YouPay?

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Global Warming Insanity

Last year a 17-year-old boy was admitted to the psych unit of the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. He refused to drink water believing that millions would die from drought related climate change.

Robert Salo, the psychiatrist who runs the unit has now seen several more patients with psychosis or anxiety disorders focused on climate change, as well as children who are having nightmares about global-warming-related disasters.

Anxiety over current events is not a new phenomenon. Worries about threats such as nuclear war or AIDS have been woven into the mental illnesses of each generation. But global warming could have a broader and deeper effect on mental health.

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Mexico to Begin Fingerprinting Cell Phone Users

In a bid to nab crooks who are using cell phones for extortion and kidnapping ransoms, Mexico will begin a national registry of cell users complete with fingerprints. The new law is set to be put into force in April.

According to the law, cell companies have a year to create a database of their users, along with prints. Since most phones in Mexico are prepaid, users would be required to submit prints with a new contract or the purchase of more minutes.

Cell carriers would also be forced to keep a log of all calls, texts and voicemails for a year. Only court approval would let the information be used.

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Boy Vanishes, Feared Dead By Crocodile Attack

In Queensland, Australia, yesterday a seven year old boy alerted his father by his screaming that his younger brother, 5, was taken by a three-metre long crocodile, fearing he is dead.

His father, a tour guide, in his dispair flung himself into the floodwaters, only for trying to find his son but it was in vain. The man owns Daintree Rainforest Rivertrain.

More story: Boy Vanishes, Feared Dead By Crocodile Attack

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